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    Launch Deck Team

    Meet ex KPMG and Deloitte consultants, start-up enthusiasts as well as Accenture visual experts and data analysts. We assembled this team to help your brand exceed the cosmic boundaries.


    #growth team



    I used to think that working in Accenture then in Nike is exciting — major league they say. Well, not anymore.️ Now major league is all about significant changes, innovations and mad ideas turning out to be groundbraking. Thus, my mission is to help startups all around the globe successfully blow our minds 🤯


    #design team

    Creative Director


    With my experience as Accenture Visualization Expert and 1000+ decks created for 15+ industries I’m ready to prove Jeff Bezos is wrong about banning Power Point. I’ll be more than happy to do so by helping your project raise another round 🚀

    #growth team


    Global Lead


    I'm aware that globalization doesn't mean global friendship but my agency's experince shows that together we have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on new opportunities and rich experiences that can open doors to innovation and progress 😊

    #growth team


    Sales Manager


    When I was younger, I used to think that it would be amazing to work for a space ship; today, I assist 
start-ups to launch into space. ✨🚀

    #design team

    Visualization Expert


    The main task of design is to convey the most complex ideas through clear visual images. I used to think that the task "make it beautiful" is the worst brief ever 😅, but I've learnt through experience that through good communication you can create a strong design solution with any input

    #design team

    Visualization Specialist


    Every designer wants to make the world a little better. And it is important to me that your brand contributes to the improvement of the world 🫶🏻

    #design team

    UI / UX Design Specialist


    Do you think it is impossible to make beautiful and user-friendly design at the same time? I will prove you otherwise! I develop clear and effective interfaces. I turn clients' ideas into reality, and I try to create uniqueness in each project ⚡️

    #design team

    Junior Visualisation Specialist


    Nothing makes me sadder than too much information on a presentation slide. And nothing makes me happier than a strong visual brand 😍 But design is about solving problems so if you have too much info and not enough brand, we can still make it work!

    #finance team


    Lead Financial Consultant


    As an ex-Deloitte consultant, I can support your project with a smooth and strong financial model and company evaluation. But you better not piss me of if don’t want to have 
a 10 pages describtion of each 
and every step I’ve done where 
you’ll get only prepositioins 😈

    #research team


    Business Analyst


    Basically, anyone who can Google things up is already an analyst. However, I’m pretty sure I’m the best in it 🙃 This fact and my experience in KPMG helps me reinfoce your project with strong analytical core.

    #HR team

    HR Manager


    Somebody might say I hate people... But since I’m the only person keeping this fully digital team together and acting as a team I strongly disagree.
    With love, Barbara 😘

    We will prepare all the materials needed for a successful round closing

    Thanks a lot! It was a pretty good experience for me working with you guys. Really appreciate you guys managed to stick with your commitments in this short time frame. Anytime needed help with anything in the UK, I'm happy to help. Looking forward to our next cooperation :)


    Moe Moeen, SQUAD CEO

    The work the LaunchDeck team did looks amazing! You can tell when a job is done by professionals, and this is definitely the case 🙂 The whole process was well-organised and the project was completed in a 3 days, amazing speed guys! Can’t wait for new projects with this team.


    Oleksandr Shvydchenko, iSellMore General Manager

    Overall, we are very satisfied with the work. The LaunchDeck team was in contact 24/7 and carried out our tasks promptly. The team is highly competent and we are looking forward 
to further working with them.


    Pascal Stämpfli, Columbus Project Lead

    At first we stumbled upon some design problems, however, Launch Deck team were open to new suggestions and together we came up with playful and outstanding design for my product presentation. It is a pleasure working with you guys! New iterations and tasks are ahead 🚀


    Trej Gun, Gemunion CTO

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