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    Landing page for Startups in Boston

    Need a landing page, website, or platform? We've got you covered, Boston startups! Our turnkey design is all about making things look awesome without the fuss. Let's create something amazing together!

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    Turnkey website design in Figma

    Accurate representation of your brand in design that will make your competitors jealous

    Services included:

    • Structure and UX

    • Custom design and UI

    • Preparation for easy deployment on your side

    Ready-to-launch website
    in Webflow for your project

    Combination of advanced design, stunning animations and simplicity of content management

    Services included:

    • Design in Figma

    • Deployment and animations in Webflow

    • Ad-hoc maintenance and updates


    For a stellar design that needs
    to be easily transmitted for the developer’s work

    Any design ideas for your unique brand design

    Complete UI/UX work with a ready-to-use code for the developer

    Objective setting and support on the stage of website layout

    From $600 per page

    7 days

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    Hassle-free setup with an ability
    to make changes in the content easily

    Consice design in Figma

    Interactivity and animations

    Module systems with convenient editing

    Launch right after the finish of design work

    From $1000 per page

    10 Days

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    Outsourcing Visual Team

    For long-term projects and a large flow of tasks related to design, we provide a team of specialists prioritizing your visualization tasks in a convenient agile format

    Successful Launching Stories

    We have been developing our project for a long time and have already had many active users of our crypto-trading robot. However, for further development, we needed a landing page from which we could get new clients. We had already worked with Launch Deck for the investment presentation, so we knew where to go for quality design. Despite the scarce functions of Tilda, the team adapted the pitch deck design elements and even developed them on our landing page.

    Dmitriy Gromyko, Co-founder