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    Media Kit

    Presentation for media partners
    of an American sports portal

    Looks like my project!

    The Context is one of the most popular sports websites on the American market. It specializes in sports news,
    protected rates, and sports teams fan communities of American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and others.
    The platform was beginning its massive extension and was attracting new advertisers and partners at that time.

    The Objective

    We got the task of creating a short media presentation for potential advertisers and
    partners of We needed to follow
    the brand guidelines as well as to convey the brand’s voice and dynamically present the strengths of the platform.

    The Solution

    Despite the rigid framework of the corporate style, our team managed to present its vision of design choices containing both the brand’s consistency and new bold accents.

    To make each slide readable and the key points stand out, we combined azure blue with darker tones.

    The Results

    The final version of the media kit contained 9 slides and presented all the needed information
    to the potential partners. It focuses on the strengths of the startup and smoothly led to the target action.
    Lines' team appreciated the presentation and last year doubled the platform’s traffic.


    This case shows how accents and color can help to deliver a large amount of information
    while keeping the main storyline of the presentation.

    I am very grateful for the work Launch Deck guys did. It was a complicated quarter for our company and we were looking for an outsourcing
    but doubting the outcome. However, we were pleasantly surprised, the deck guys did was an expertly well-done job.
    Looking forward to working with this team again.

    Mike Crib, CEO

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