Turning an idea into a pitch deck for investors is a multi-step process that involves refining your concept, conducting research, understanding your target audience, and presenting your vision in a compelling manner.

Join the experts from LaunchDeck and FounderWay to learn not only how to start your pitch deck, but also how to evolve and master it as your startup progresses.

WHAT you will learn:
• What pitch deck content is needed at each stage of your startup
• How to test and validate your pitch deck for hiring, funding, and sales
• How early is too early to expose yourself to an investor
• How to design a pitch deck that will grab investor attention
• Which key slides investors focus on at each stage

WHO you will learn from:
• Launch Deck is an all-in-one hub for fundraising materials, visual branding, and web design. Having assisted startup founders with over 100 successful pitching rounds and raised over $60 million for their clients, they have conducted extensive research on the pitch deck designs preferred by investors and the content investors prioritize for startups at each stage.

• FounderWay is a founder-forward platform that walks you through each step from idea to first customer. Their personalized AI copilot provides instant advice and feedback, removing the guesswork, so you can spend your time building. Having analyzed over 1500 startups, they understand the core questions that need to be answered at each stage of the startup journey.