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    One Pager

    One pager for runners startup from the Netherlands

    Looks like my project!

    The Background

    One2One.Run is a project of a “tinder” for runners. It connects people who jog. It allows to compete, go jogging
    and share the experience with like-minded users. The main focus of the startup company is to motivate runners to jog more often and enjoy it, rather than become professionals and count calories.

    The Objective

    The startup was going through the seeding round
    and needed to briefly present its mission and
    the project’s details in the One Pager format.

    The Solution

    We have already worked with One2One.Run on their pitch deck. Thus, we knew the founder’s
    preferences and the project’s features. Our team focused on conveying the main idea of the startup without losing its values.

    We highlighted the project’s reasons to develop, the individuality of the founders’ approach, and the first results that the team achieved in the competitive market. Thanks to the infographics and structure work the document turned out to be easy to read and not overloaded.


    One2One.Run is successfully developing on the European market and entered the Accelerator. We are accompanying the project on a new investment round and are watching closely over their results in the runners’ industry.

    This case demonstrates the startup doesn’t always need a complicated presentation to achieve its goals.
    The structural approach and correct styling of the key ideas are just as effective.

    We have reached an important milestone last week – we were invited into Accelerator by Utrecht.Ink, one of the biggest academic accelerators.
    Thank you so much for your help! I think we are going to collaborate more!

    Nicolay Petrov, One2One.Run Founder

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