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      The main goal of Launch Deck founders is the continuous development of the startup industry

      We help to look at your project from the investor’s perspective and boost your pitching skills to the stellar level


      We analyze your materials for the investor, give tips on structure and bring the weaknesses to your attention.



      We review the main investment attraction tool – a pitch deck. We talk about its strong points and how they meet the investor’s demands.

      Depends on your project

      Trial pitch

      Your trial stress interview with an investor, following the mistakes analysis and tips for improvement.

      Depends on your project

      Take advantage of exciting offers from our partners and ever-changing perks that make your business go further

      Venture Capital & IT Startups

      Vibranium.VC is a venture fund that invests in companies that are ready to enter the global market.

      Financial Modeling

      Forecastr is online software that helps founders forecast revenue, predict runway, understand their numbers & get funded.

      Incorporate in the U.S. from anywhere

      Firstbase helps anyone to build a US business. Start a company, set up banking, payments, and payroll, and manage a business — online, from anywhere.

      Entrepreneurship Capacity Building

      Seedstars is a global organisation with a mission to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship.

      Digital Innovation Ecosystem

      Startup Moldova is the platform that provides support for accelerating the development of startup initiatives and technological innovations in the Republic of Moldova.

      Operational Tech Offers

      The Startup Stack was created to help make choosing a stack easier for founders, by sourcing the best operational tech offers available in one place.

      Global Hiring helps startups to find the best IT talents for relocation or remote positions.